If I have two Shopify sites, Can I sell the courses of one on the other?

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I am an artist that sells her artwork and in person art classes on my current website.  I am creating an online Art Academy where I will have online art classes and memberships. I was at first thinking of adding it to my current website with the app Thinkific.  Now I am thinking I will start a new Shopify website just for the Art Academy and I will advertise it separately.  I would like however to sell the courses on my original art website for current fans.  Is it possible to create a product on my original site art class page and direct it to the Academy site for them to purchase there? if so how?


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You have many options. 


1. Create a buy button on they Academy site, and implement it on your current site. Then Our your orders go to Academy site.


2. Create Courses on both site, and change the add to cart button to a redirect link to the courses on your Academy site. But your customers will be open a new website (Your Academy site).


If you wish to have your visitors stay on your current website, and not going to a different website, Use Option 1.