If stock level exceeded, nothing gets added to cart. Change to add maximum stock


Hi Shopify friends! 

As you can above you can select unlimited amount of products in the quantity selector. From this product I only have 10 in stock. If I select more than then and click to add to cart it says: Error cart: You cannot add this product. This is because you try to add more than there is in stock.

I think this is confusing for the customers. They don't know this. Maybe they wanna buy 6 when you only have 5 in stock? Instead of just buying 5 they will leave the store without buying because they get this error message.

So is there a way to either limit the amount you can select to the maximum what is in stock or;
Is it possible when someone tries to add 15 pieces and you only have 10 that it adds 10 to cart. (the maximum)

I feel like at some point I am gonna lose conversions if a product is close to getting out of stock because of this. This shouldn't work like this to begin with. I feel like Shopify is very limitied lately if you don't wanna pay hundreds of euros in apps.

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Hi @MDKSocks 

Sincerely hope you're having a great day!

I've read your problem and before providing a solution, would like to analyze your website. Then, I will provide a solution to you up here - on the forum.

Could you share your website URL? And if your website is password protected then also provide a password?

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Hi @Michal_Morek ,

My webshop is https://www.MDKSocks.nl

I allready managed to add stock level to keep this from happening kinda, but I still would love a better solutions!

Thanks in advance

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