Illegal quoting in line 2 and Missing headers Title

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When I download the "sample CSV file" to my computer, I open it and it looks different than in all the tutorials. the text is still in a row, devided by commas. No columns with headings. It looks like this: Handle, TitleBody (HTML), Vendor... all in one field.

So I figured, I have to open it in Excel using the "text import" method. I devide the text by comas and get the regular columns with its shopify headers: Handle | TitleBody (HTML) | Vendor...and so on.

From here on, everything looks normal like seen on all those tutorials. BUT: when I save the changes and try to import the file to shopify, it won't work. Sure, because it's an excel now, not a CSV. So I safe the Excel back to a CSV using the "safe as" tool, choosing CSV (comma delimited). (Tried all other CSV options there as well)

But the file I get will create the following error on shopify when uploading it:

"Illegal quoting in line 2
"Invalid CSV header - Missing headers title"

I read through various post here and on the www, also tried google sheets, asked to hire expert on shopify (but they charge 3k and more (product list from wholesaler are 8k products).

I believe it's not that hard to change the csv-file from the supplier to the template of shopify, if you know what you are doing, unlike me. So i'm really desperate for someone who can help me out? If you could only how to do it for one product, i'm willing to pay for the assistance, so i can do the rest myself.

Hope I can find an answer here and finally start my shopify store before the free trial runs out... Thank you in advance.

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did you get this sorted .. im having the same issue


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