Image with text section - How add checkout button

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Hi friends,

I am looking for to add a direct checkout button on my home page in a "Image with text" section.

I am using Parallax theme and I have the option to add a button label in this section but I don't find a way to add a dynamic checkout button for a the specific product I am advertising.

Find below image to detail the situation:

I would like to allow our customer a direct purchase (checkout page) by clicking on a "buy it now" button below the "Full Details" button. Also, I am selling the product in two colors, my wish is to have two sections (like the one shown below), if the customer click on "buy it now "on this section he/she will buy this specific color.

Capture d’écran 2020-09-08 à 20.57.36.png


Thanks in advance for your help.