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Hi everyone, 

We are migrating from an old Umbraco store where everything is ooold school

And the only export option we have, is to export everything in one JSON file. So far so good. The problem is, that the product images on the products are only ID's to the images. See photo below.


The ID 5180, refers to another section in the JSON file, but here we have the URL for the photo.



My question is now, can I in somehow merge those? I've found an app on Shopify to import from JSON files, but it cant import the images, when they're in seperat sections.

Im willing to pay if any of you can do it - or maybe, you know any kind of software that can do the job?

Best regards

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That image's ID is simply a reference to the original image URL in your old Umbraco's database. Even if you do manage to add it to Shopify it won't find that image.

You need to find a way to get a new JSON with that has the image's URL or Base64 code instead of an ID.

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