Importing Products via CSV file errors with inventory management

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Hi there, 

I'm attempting to import my products via a CSV file but I am getting error after error. 

All my CSV files headers are correct, I am having trouble with the "Variant Inventory Tracker" & "Variant Fulfillment Service". Once I proceed to upload the file, I get an error saying that my fulfilment service is not supported. I have added the custom inventory fulfilment information to match the information in the CSV file.

I've also tried changing the contents under these headers to "manual" where I get the same error stipulating that "manual" is not supported. 

Please can someone assist :) I have attached an image of the error below to provide better context. The same error message appears when I place my inventory manager in place of "manual", except it'll state my warehouses name in place of "manual" in this case.

Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 20.26.10.png



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