Importing from supplier's website without API

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Hey guys hope some of you can help with some suggestions.

My suppliers are smaller companies and either don't know how to provide their product API, or do not want to.

Currently we are spending a ton of man hours to keep products updated, and adding new products by manually downloading the required data, images, descriptions, pricing etc. from our suppliers websites into our product CSV file.

I know some software exists that can pull selected data from websites, similar to a Web crawler. I tried parsehub, and while it worked for some data it didn't accomplish it in a way I wanted, and was slow on our systems.

What is the best option for being able to select and export data from hundreds of products quickly into excel capuring all the required fields such as image links, descriptions, pricing, variants etc. from 3rd party websites that are created via magento, word press, or otherwise?
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i am also having the same issue, any help would be very grateful