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I am trying to add an instagram feed to my homepage. I have worked out how to do it, but my issue is with the access token. 


My business instagram is a sub account under my main personal one. And I can only seem to get an access token for the main account. Does anyone know how to get an access token for a secondary account? 


Any help would be much appreciated!


Hello !

I recommend you use desktop to generate Access Token in the first place. Even though you must have created the new account from your personal account, you would have created Username(email) and Password of the new account you created. You need to log into the account (using the same Username and Password) from your PC which accounts Access Token you need and then follow these steps :


1) Use the same browser (Google Chrome preferably) you used to log into your Instagram account and open below link:

2) Click on  Generate Access Token Button 

3) Now you can see your Access Token. 


And when you using the phone then follow Below Steps :
1) Open your Instagram account
2) At the bottom of the right corner, you can see icons of your profile

3) Press and hold on it
4) Now you can see the sub-account of your main Instagram Account 

5) Now switch to the account you made 

6) Open Google chrome Or any browser in your phone and open below link:

7) Click on  Generate Access Token Button 

8) Now you can see your Access Token. 


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