Instagram Flagged by Avast

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Hello there,

My avast, antivirus has been flagging Instagram sale channel,  please look at the attached Image. This has been going on for almost 4 days now. Here's what I've tried so far when the issue started:

1. I removed Instagram sales channel

2. Cleared Cache 

3. But, when I tried re-installing Instagram, my Antivirus wouldn't let me because it says the connection wasn't safe and it has a Phishing code inside of it.

4. I disabled my Antivirus for 10min and Installed Instagram sales channel and I'm still getting this broken image link .

5. The picture below is what my IG sales channel looks like.

I don't know what's going. But I did look in the Chrome developer and it shows that the connection was reset.

Screenshot (173).pngSHOPIFY.png

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Hello, I encountered exactly the same issue and below are the steps I did but it didn't work:


  1. Disabled Avast shields control to try again - Failed
  2. Tried checking Virus Chest to see if there is any threat locked away but couldn't find any - Failed
  3. Performed an update on my Avast Antivirus - Failed
  4. Reported the issue through Shopify Live Chat - Pending update from Shopify Technical Team


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This is an accepted solution.

Just an update: Avast had cleared it in their database. It should be working now.
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Thank you so much for your help, I ran into the same problem yesterday. I even had the idea to start using another antivirus because Avast periodically after the last update does not work correctly. So I decided to try malwarebytes, but after reading this article I realized that Avast is better. First of all, Avast has a USB virus scan function, which is important for me. Secondly, Avast has very good technical support that responds fairly quickly to messages if there are any problems. As a result, I went back to the Avast antivirus and do not regret anything.