Instagram store not updating properly

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I'm having issues with the instagram store for my shopify page. I have the shopify catalog for my store linked to my facebook business manager, and the catalog seems to be updating. In business manager, I can see 31 products. On the facebook page I can see 31, even in instagram when I select the catalog I am told that there is 31 products. However, when I go to the actual store page, I can only see an older selection of products and even those are all posted twice, meaning that the catalog for the insta store is completely broken.


I can't seem to force refresh this, any ideas on how to make instagram update my catalog.





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Hi Sol, 


I have been having the same issue and was wondering if you manged to get it sorted? 

Many thanks, 


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Having the same issue but I do not see any replies. I’ll have to keep looking unfortunately. 

-Xpressive Mocha