Integrate Shopify with my website

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Hey there,

First of all, let me apologize for the double post. (I can't delete my previous post on 'Shopify Apps').

I'm building an integration between my website and Shopify. For context, I've been using the REST API.
The idea is to have our users connecting their accounts to Shopify, so they can access their own store data through our product. This means that users need to have a way to connect to their Shopify stores through our website. 

I don't want to list my app on Shopify's marketplace. Our users just need to be able to get data about their products on our website.

I believe I need to create a public app. If this is right, I would need to follow the review process. However, it fails the first requirement. It will not be possible to install an app through Shopify, cause it will not be listed there.

Can someone help me? What's the best option to use the REST API + OAuth authentication without listing an app. 

Thank you,

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