Intercept Add To Cart Functionality

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I was just wondering if it is possible to intercept the Add To Cart button functionality. 

We currenlty have a web application that allows customers to personalise products using our 3d desinger web application. We would like to integrate this with Shopify products.

The intended workflow is a follows:

Instead of seeing an Add To Cart button on a Shopify product page the customer would instead see a Personalise button. This would then invoke our web applications create API and redirect the user to our 3D desinger. 

From within our designer application a customer would then hit the Add To Cart button once they had finished their design. Our web application would then submit the design to our production environment. Our web application would then redirect back to Shopify where the product had been added to the Shopify cart where they could then checkout as normal within Shopify. 

Is this a possible workflow without having to use the Storefront API?