Intermittent Time Out Connecting (TCP) Between DNS resolution and SSL handshake

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We recently soft-opened a new storefront on Shopify which we are really excited about but have been frustrated by the performance.  We've tried support but haven't gotten very far.  We chose Shopify because we had heard great things about it.  Now, we are considering scrapping it and finding something else.  We're are going to lose business if we can't get this fixed.  Lots of our testers have reported the issue to us, different states, different countries.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


It's a fairly basic site that can load great most of the time, but intermittently it doesn't connect within 2 minutes.  On Comcast 600mbps service, Verizon LTE, and other high-speed ISP connections when it works, we often observe ~2 second load times.  Occasionally, 9 second load times and infrequently over 21 second load times.  But on the same device, same Internet connection, same browser, that 2 second load time moments later can get stuck connecting for over a minute.  Other sites at the same time are blazing fast, this just sits there " Connecting ...".


When it doesn't work well, it can be several minutes before connecting.  It seems worse on mobile devices.  The occasional extreme connection delay occurs after DNS resolution and before the SSL handshake which is not within our control.  Once the content starts to load it's very responsive and it consistently receives great marks on performance tests that only analyze performance after the SSL handshake ... the TTFB to first paint time.  That's if they can connect but these tools seem to support what folks have been experiencing.  I'm wondering if our site is hosted on a bad server.  Is there a way to migrate to a different Shopify server farm?  We really need help with this.  Thanks!


On GTmetrix I frequently see: gtmetrix.png






MS Edge 7s example:



Chrome 21s example: