Invalid CSS after "}": expected selector or at-rule, was "}" at 4751

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I add some code at the end of the theme.scss.liquid (my theme is Broadcast). Then i deleted what i added.

But a couple of minutes later the website crashed at all and this error message appears "Invalid CSS after "}": expected selector or at-rule, was "}" at 4751"

However, i can't find the error on the line 4751 (first line of code below):

.wrapper {

  @include clearfix();

  max-width: $width-site;

  margin: 0 auto;

  padding: 0 $gutter;


  @include media-query($small) {

    padding: 0 ($gutter / 2);





Unfortunately, I didn't do a backup file... (i know i should have , it's an amateur error)


Thank you in advance for your help ! 


clearfix is a function that very likely your theme.scss don't have it considering you got this code from an external source.

Try removing the @include clearfix line and see if it fixes the issues.

Keep in mind that the same goes to "$site-width" and "$gutter", I am not sure whether you have all those variables declared, so it's unlikely this piece of code is gonna work because apparently it's missing essential parts.

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Hi diego_ezfy, 

Thnaks for your reply ! I'll try your solution ! 

But it's odd that it's here as i did not add it...