Invalid enum value in field "availability" - goole search console


I got this error message in google search console: Invalid enum value in field "availability"


Does anybody know what tis is and how to solve this?

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Your not alone it seems all my products suddenly have same error since 13/aug.  seems like issue with shopify platform. 


no answers from shopify. i will try to change 'track quantity' and inventory quantity on every product that will be massive pain! and chore. this hopefully fix the issue.  but i found something that shows we not alone



Finally I am getting closer.

I have found a solution on support pages of our theme:


But now I can not find those lines anywhere. I found this one:

<meta itemprop="availability" content="{% if product.available %}in_stock{% else %}out_of_stock{% endif %}" />

 I have changed in_stock with InStock and out_of_stock with OutOfStock and tryed to validate fix in google console, but it is still not ok.


Any suggestions?

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I'm sorry i cant help you with code insertion in the end i buckled and updated theme.... 


Out of sandbox will only state 'you need to update to latest version of a theme' or they cant help you. They don't really want to give you fix as a code. But once you update they wont help you with any customisation's you have :) 


So i did updated theme, be warned how ever you will be rebuilding your page and if you have any customisation's you will have to redo ALL ! of them, Out of sand Box will NOT! help you with those.  So you will be stuck between hard place and hard rock for a wile. I bet it's awesome way to lose customers if you ask me, but then who knows. 


So theme update will fix that error, how ever it will bring another error (for this new error how ever, they don't have a fix) and as far as i understand as much as i can read up on google. People having split opinion some say they being hurt by google some say it can be ignored. Out of sand box obviously state its nothing and its not an error :) well it is clearly marked as an error by google so who do you believe it's your choice i suppose.  


 New error after installing theme update. Must highlight that This new error is down google implementing changes & everyone is trying to catch up. How long it will take? Who knows.... 

Either "offers", "review", or "aggregateRating" should be specified



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