Inventory tracking through to VEND is not accurate

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Hi all,


First time posting here & I could very well be in the wrong place, but I'm hoping someone has been in the same boat as me & can help out. I don't think what we are trying to do is uncommon, so perhaps there is a better way around it.


I run VEND for our POS in our bricks and mortar store and Shopify for ECommerce. Our store is only small & I have a focus to growing our online sales. Ideally we don't need to carry every product line on our website physically in-store, we don't have the space & it would cost WAY too much, so we currently have it set up that we just order products in as the online orders come through.


I want/need to be able to track out inventory, in particular for anything physically in-store, but its also useful for products that just come in for customer orders. I need to be able to see their inventory movements if needed, especially if there is a fault with any of the products. So at the moment we are set up with inventory tracking ON in VEND and then switched OFF in Shopify. This allows people to still purchase products that we don't physically have, but I can also keep track of stock movements.


The problem I have been having is that only SOMETIMES an order will come through to VEND from Shopify and it will or won't deduct the product from our inventory. There is no rhyme or reason that I can see as to why it will occasionally show the stock movement or not.

The correct product line is coming through from Shopify and in some instances we have had the product physically here, but it hasn't removed it, so its not relevant to only selling into the negatives.


This has made a huge mess of my inventory & while I can do a stocktake and update it all, its going to happen again pretty quickly.

All our products are received in using VEND as this then generates an invoice in Xero for accounting purposes, so applying an app to Shopify is not going to help the problem.


Has anyone else had this same problem and happen to know a way around it?

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Hi Tracy,


If you are still dealing with this problem, I think I may have a fix for you!


When you disable inventory tracking in Shopify, it won't track any stock movements as you're aware. However, this extends to Vend, and so since Shopify isn't tracking it, it won't tell Vend that it has sold. This is the root cause of the inconsistencies you're experiencing.


I created a demo Vend and Shopify account to do some testing and found this solution to work:


  1. Enable inventory tracking for the product on Shopify
  2. Enable "allow customers to purchase this product when it's out of stock"


With this setup, the product will have 0 in Vend and 0 in Shopify. When a customer makes an order, it will go through with no problem, but move you down to -1 in both Vend and Shopify. Finally, when you get the stock inside Vend, it will move back up to 0 on both systems.


Hopefully this works for you if you're still dealing with this problem! Otherwise, let me know, and I can have a chat to the Vend support team to see what can be done 


Best of luck Tracy!

-Angus @ Hello Digital


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I am having this exact problem! 

I can't turn on 'sell when product is out of stock' though as we are seasonal and it will cause a mess with orders.

I am trying to get a solution through Vend and no one has been able to give me an answer as to why this is happening. They suggest articles to read etc, but it's no helping.

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Tracy we're having the same issue. Did the suggestion below from Hello Digital resolve it for your site?

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I may likely be wrong about this but there is also a possibility that the product link between Vend and Shopify has been broken. This could be due to several different reasons such as editing some product info in Shopify for which Vend is the point of record, or something else. 

If the link has indeed broken, the product will still continue to sell on your online store but not update in Vend. This has happened to me and so in that case what I did was to Unpublish it from Shopify (on Vend) and Re-publish it so it makes the link (either to the same product hopefully or as a new entry).

Hope this helps