Is Shopify right for me? Looking to set up a community Marketplace

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I'm looking to set up an online website where users in my community can buy/sell their items. Basically John Doe could post his products to our community users and they would purchase off the website for whatever price John Doe lists the product for. 1% of this transaction would go to myslef towards the website. 

I know Shopify is a powerful beast with lots of customizable options and apps. I figured this would be my best place to come to set up my business. What would be the ideal set up to achieve this? What apps will I install? The sellers would be vetted so I was wondering if it would be easier when they sign up make them a staff member or something with permissions just to list products. I'd like them to get paid directly from the transaction and the % go to the website. 

Any thoughts/feedback direction is greatly appreciated. Thanks. 


For the type of business model you're looking for I reckon that you'd be better off with a custom solution on top of Wordpress or something. As far as I am aware of Shopify is not really intended for that.

You would end up spending a lot with apps and so on just to maintain the basic features you're looking after.

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