Is it possible to achieve good rank with new Google Lighthouse?

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Hello community,

We've been trying hard to get closer to it,

And it seems Google is putting very harsh ranks on PageSpeed Insights or Google Lightouse, with ecommerce websites (not apps).

What are your thougths ?



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I have been dealing with the headache for a client today. It is a bit of a rough one especially when the store has a lot of apps installed. Then other things, like the cache policy, cannot be implemented as as you do not have access to the server your store is hosted on.

I don't know how I feel about page speed tests in general. It is handy to have the insight of where efficiency improvements can be made, but (imo) they can reduce the usability of the site and lead to weird behaviors. Is a 6Kb js file really going to slow down a website on the modern web?

Also love that Google trackers are often the things getting punished by Lighthouse....

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