Is it possible to have bundle products listed as individual items in the sales reports?

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Hi everyone, I have a client that sells one product, individually and in quantity bundles (3 products in one bundle). In her reports, she wants each bundle purchase to show up as 3 items, not 1.

Is this possible? The bundle is currently set up as a separate product and not a variant.

Inventory is currently synced across all products and bundles.

I informed her that a bundle is treated as a separate unit, not as the individual units that make up the bundle, otherwise there would be no point in creating the bundle.

Thanks for any insight!

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Our bundling app solution splits the order for a bundled item to its components so inventory is always maintained. This would show the correct sales values on reports. 

If you would like to test it out and see an example send me an email to



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Hi Tom, 


Could you please explain a little more about how your app works to unbundle the bundle lines into individual lines?