Is there a Shopify App data and Salesforce Integration?

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Hello, we currently have an app through Shopify, and are a Shopify Partner. In the backend of our app, there is so much valuable data available, and my company is wanting to push all of that data into our Salesforce instance. Is there a currently a way setup that I can do that or a tool or extension available that will allow me to integrate them? There seems to be so many frontend tools for stores available to sync into Salesforce, but I have not seen anything for apps within Shopify. Thanks!

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Hi @nlooker ,

DBSync has an app which can be connected to integrate data between Salesforce and Shopify. DBSync has a prebuilt connectors and templates which they have a platform to sync data between the two apps. 

You can find more about the different solutions that they offer at :

The platform itself has more capabilities and might not need any coding effort or extension to your app.