Is there a way to reliably sync fb and instagram shops from shopify

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It would be useful if there was a clear way to sync fb / instagram shops from shopify.

My products listed in FB commerce manager - - in Catalog -> Items show the correct list of products that should be synced to FB and instagram.

However when I navigate to Shops in FB commerce manager and view the items in each shop I see an 'outdated' list of products. 

For example,  Catalog -> Items shows 28 products available with an issue on 1 product that prevents it being displayed in FB. So there should be 27 products in FB and 28 products in instagram.

However there are 25 products in instagram. The missing products, somewhat interestingly, include the product that was flagged only as not being displayable in FB. 

Previously I removed outdated products from the Catalog -> Items view. And removing the outdated versions allowed the updated ones to display. It seemed the outdated versions were 'blocking' the display of the updated versions. So being able to do these updates was good and it was clear that doing them would force updates to FB/instagram.

The Shops view also shows an outdated product. On the up side, since it has a zero price it doesn't display in the FB/instagram shops but on the down side, since it shows up nowhere else I cant remove it since I can only view products in the Shops view but cannot edit/delete them.

The upshot of all this is that there needs to be a clear way to refresh FB/instagram shops from Shopify. It could even be a hard reset (e.g. delete all products in FB/instagram).

Currently it is way too time consuming to troubleshoot these anomalies.

Also a response of the kind ' this is a FB/instagram problem you need to contact them' is not acceptable.

A response such as 'the Shopify - FB/instagram integration is absolute crap and you just have to live with it' is OK. At least in this case less time can be wasted on it and Shopify users can plan to discontinue integration FB/instagram when something better comes along.

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I'm having issues with the connections as well ever since the "new FB / IG Shops" launched.  It has been working for the most part until this week.  We shoot and add new items to the online shop weekly, and after this weeks upload I went to add certain items to the FB/IG collection pages but they do not show up.  3 days of continually pushing manual upload to sync, they still do not exist. I can find NO help on the boards, I submitted 2 tickets for help and still nothing.

I also found a few weird items in our FB/IG Catalog that don't exist in our product inventory for our online or B&M store.