Issue with Meta Property Tags

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Hi Shopify - hoping you can help! 

We are pulling our products into Google Shopping and our variants are getting rejected. 

This is an example:

This product has 4 variants with 4 different prices. Google is rejecting our listings because the price we're listing doesn't match the price on the website. Google is saying our listed price is $4.98 and isn't detecting the variant pricing. 

When you view the page source in Shopify, regardless of variant selected, line 34 says this: 
meta property="product:price:amount" content="4.98"

Is there a way to make this update on the variant load? Are there any workarounds that you guys are aware of? 


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2472 129 406 may be what you need to implement

There are also other cases on the forums


Price when page loads

To do it on load javascript will need to be used to read the current variant and update any target tags.

Bubt may not be what google is looking for , AFAIK while google shopping may run javascript it doesn't take action like interacting with the UI.


Also make sures skus line up

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The structured data needs to be the first product listed and match the variant selected.

If you use my structured data, when the variant product is selected and the URL is correctly updating. Then the correct data is shown as the first product, and all subsequent variants listed after the initial product.

Here is a guide:

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