Issue with Shipping Rates

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Hello, I want to offer my customers First Class and Priority USPS shipping. Both are set up in my shipping rates. My understanding is that priority is ~$8.5 before discounts anywhere through USPS and they provide a tracking number and the package. First class is cheaper but you have to pack it yourself which is fine since envelopes are no more than $.25 on Amazon. However, when I test ordered my product I was only given $7-9 shipping rates during checkout which makes sense for priority but not for first class. When I went to print my shipping label, I see the first class option which is under $4 and what I would expect. Why are my customers not given the $4 option in checkout? Isn't first class just going to require me to print the label for 3.97 and slap it on my own envelope? There is a BIG difference between $8 and $4 shipping for most people.










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