Issue with custom app proxy connection

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Hi Experts,


I created a custom application for one of my client and tested the same in Demo site in partner platform. Everything is working.

Today I tried to install the custom application by creating link for that specific shopify website. I created a custom App API Secret in the Main website and given appropriate permission.

I didnt get the install app option which I got in demo install. All the settings are same.

There is a proxy settings created in shopify for the external website to be access.

During the process of checkout it comes till the last stage and it has to connect to the external website using ( create-order ) this particular connection gives 404 error.

When i try to get the customer details, order details using the API by customizing the API request ( Not from shopify ) I am able to get the JSON value.

So all the API and secret key is working fine.

Need help mainly to resolve the connection between shopify & external server to process the data

Error received in console is

XHR POST          [HTTP/2 404 Not Found 1037ms]