Issue with the fulfillment Service (Festch_stock webhook)

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My fulfillment service is used to manage inventory between two stores. so the same sku (asdf1234 for example) is sold on two stores.I am seeing something very different in my managed fulfillment service web hooks. i am seeing the inventory being consistently set back to 0 and the minuets later be set back to the actual number. can you explain this type of behavior. I tried contacting support on this and i was told to go to this forum.

here is an example from one product inventory history table

30 min. ago   Manually added   <MY APP> +24   20

35 Min. ago    Manually removed <My App> -24   0

1:44PM           Manually Added     <My App> +24   24

1:25PM           Manually Added     <My App> -27   0

1:09PM           Online Store            <My App> -1   27

so for all times the service was called it never returned a 0 value for this sku. but as you can see the 0 somehow gets reported then corrected.

any help would be appreciated.