Issue with tracking importing incorrectly

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Currently using an API connection with our ERP. When sending tracking back to Shopify for fulfilled orders, the USPS tracking would track as DHL, we adjusted what is sent so that the tracking company is USPS (as instructed by Shopify) and now some are tracking as FedEx. They say we should also send the tracking url but out ERP doesn't seem to have that capability. At this point we are going to have to manually fulfill all orders. Any advice?

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Along with sending the tracking number, the courier company name should also be sent to Shopify. Once you send these two details, Shopify will correctly identify the carrier and there should not be any problem. Also, if you are thinking of using an app that does this correctly, you can try the Multi Carrier Shipping label app for this exact purpose.

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When you fulfill the orders, you have to enter the tracking number and also select the carrier service to handle the tracking process. 

If the carrier is not selected, Shopify tries to identify the tracking number and fails to identify the carrier as some of the carriers will have same structure. As a result sometimes, there is a mistake.


To correct this, you can use a solution like the Shipment tracking & notify app that automatically identifies the carrier when you enter the tracking number and automates the tracking process for you.