Issues with multiple pricing when selling more units

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I have a shopify wine shop where I have some challenges in showing the most appropriate prices. When we want to sell wine, there can be several prices: ex there is a 1 piece price and there is a 6 piece price.
1 bottle can cost DKK 125 when you buy only 1 bottle. (2 bottles cost DKK 250, ... 5 bottles cost DKK 625)
1 bottle can cost DKK 100 when you buy 6 bottles. (6 bottles cost DKK 600, 7 bottles cost DKK 700, etc.)

I would of course like to show the lowest price - DKK 100 per. bottle when buying 6 bottles. But how do I do that?

When I create a product, I set the price of 1 piece to 125 - and I can make a variant with 6 bottles for DKK 600. But then I do not get to highlight the price of the DKK 100 (if you buy 6 bottles or more)

Hope i have expressed my problem in a clear way

Theme is Cruswine from Ishi
Url is:

Thank You!