Item Page Showing All Color Variants

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I hired two different developers now to help with my Shopify website item page, but they are not able to solve the issue I'm having.  I'm hoping someone can help -

- My website item page currently display my item where the customer can select different color options by selecting the color box since the same item comes in different colors.  

- I was able to have a developer fix the following - previously, when you are looking at the main photo image of the item, there is a left and right arrow where you can see different views of the item.  However, even if a customer selects a specific color, the slider would show all the images from all the various colors.  I had a developer fix this where it only shows images from that specific color option in the slider.

-  But the developer isn't able to fix the following - When you click on the image it expands almost like a pop up to get a very big view on your screen.  And the very big view also has a left and right arrow to see the different views.  But when I click on the left and right arrows, it starts show all the images from the different color options for available for the item.  I don't want this, I want to show only the images for that specific color selection. 

Does anyone have any suggestion on how this can be fixed maybe from a third party application or plugin?  I'm not good at this developing thing so any suggestion would be really helpful?  And if there is not a way to fix this issue, then can someone suggest an alternative option maybe that would be good?