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We have a had a few customers contact us now saying that items are being deleted from their carts when they are trying to place an order. We have been unable to reproduce this issue here in house, so we aren't sure what could possibly be causing this. Has anyone experienced this before? Any ideas what could be causing this?

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Hey, @taylortoolworks!

Taking a look, I was unable to replicate this myself. Through my years with Shopify, I have seen this issue a handful of times. The culprit is almost always either an app or something funky within the theme coding. It does look like you're using a third-party theme, so I'm afraid this wouldn't be something we can help with directly. You can; however,  hire a Shopify Expert, or utilize your own in-house developer (if you have one) to get this resolved should this be an on-going issue for your customers. Here are a few things you'll want to ask your customers when they bring this to your attention: 


  1. What type of device are they using? (Make and model) - This will help you narrow down if this is an issue with mobile, desktop, or both, along with seeing if it may be connected to a specific type of device. 
  2. What browser are they using? - Asking this will help you narrow down if this is a browser-related issue. 
  3. What products did they add to the cart? - It helps narrow down if its specific products (i.e., maybe some products have additional features such as add text, or subscriptions, etc. - which are features added by apps. 
  4. When does the website delete the item from the cart? Is it after one product, ten products? Is it after they add the product and navigate around? 

These questions will help you understand where the root cause of the issue is and could help you replicate the problem yourself. It'll also save you money as it will give some context on where the developer should start looking. 

Peter | Social Care @ Shopify 
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This is an accepted solution.

We have identified that the problem was coming from a bug in our theme code. The theme developers were thankfully quick in implementing a fix for us.

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@taylortoolworks  We are currently having the same issue, were you able to specifically pin point what was the issue with theme that you were using? Do you know what was the theme and from what company ?