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Hi All 

I need urgent help. On my mobile site when clients add items to their cart and click on another section of my page the items disappear or if they want to delete an item they get an error message. I don't know much about coding but is there someone that can look at my site to see where the issue is coming from and how to fix it? my shop Theme Supply. 

I am so desperate  

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This is an accepted solution.

Turns out this is a Speedr ‑ Faster Stores App.

It uses  a popular technique to speed up browsing – when visitors hover over a link, Javascript code fetches the page this link leads to and when visitor clicks this link this page is already in cache so it loads much faster.

However, it's necessary to exclude some links from this, for example cart links which change quantities in cart or remove products from cart for obvious reasons:

when one opens the cart, hovers over "remove from cart"  button/link the app retrieves this link, thus removing that product from the cart.

When one then clicks this button and theme code tries to remove the product from cart it's not there anymore, resulting in an error message.

Looking at the app javascript code I see that it has a list of exclusions, but unfortunately, the app has nowhere to configure it.

Anuj Tenani -- if you're reading this, put at least the cart links in exceptions and test your app before publishing it in store!

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Tim you are the best!! I have been struggling with this for such a long time and you fixed it in minutes.

I can't thank you enough.

Live and site saved! Whoop whoop!