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Good morning, 


I am trying to "justify" my text, but it seems I can't. I have read some answers about this problem here, I tried the solutions offered but it does not work. 


Here is the URL : https://les-secrets-de-vana.myshopify.com/

Password : trabra


Please note I've just created my shop so there is not much to see yet. 


I would like to justify the text in all sections. 


Thank you ! 

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Hey @VNDETOX, I'm assuming you mean the text sections on the homepage. With the help of a developer of a bit of CSS knowledge, this would be very simple, I just want to note that at your preview, there's a class called "text-center" on the lowest non-editable-content element. This means that unless you put an !important attribute at that level, it will likely take precedence. Unless the theme has an option to change to justify from center, you may have to look at the Liquid logic on this section.