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I've seen some Shopify outlets integrating a very nifty Klarna repayments "calculator) (essentially just shows your monthly repayment amounts) on their product pages.

I can't find a placement at all like these in the Klarna On Site Messaging app and their customer service is being quite slow on technical matters.

So I wondered if anyone here knew?

Many thanks

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Hi @MyScoot ,

Klarna On-Site Messaging does not currently offer a Klarna payment calculator. The payment calculator does exist on other sites, but it was custom designed and developed. Klarna recommends our merchants to stick to the assets delivered directly by Klarna as that ensures that the messaging is up-to-date and legally compliant.  We are working on enabling our merchants more messaging assets such as among others a Klarna payment calculator, so look forward to more good things to come.

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