Klaviyo pop-up renders website unusable on IE11

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I have a Klaviyo pop-up on my website to collect email addresses. IE is not supported by the popup and I am fine with that. However, the script still tries to show the pop-up and it renders my website unusable for IE users. 

I want to check the user's browser and prevent the script from running if IE is detected. I don't know how to edit the Klaviyo code directly or where it is stored in my code base. Alternatively, is it possible to add a short script to my theme or primary .js file to accomplish this without editing Klaviyo's code directly?

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With 1% of our site traffic coming from IE this isn't a huge issue but is a consistent customer service question.  

I am posting because I would love to know of any work arounds.

Klaviyo should have built in programming that their popup doesn't fire on IE if this is a know problem.