Landing page not recognized by Google Merchant center

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Hello guys.

I have a big problem with Google Merchant Center.

I have created the landing page by Shogun Page Builder but Google Merchant Center disapproved my products because they say that my landing page is not working.

I don't know what else I can do.

Can someone help me out, please?

the link is:


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Hey there,


I am browsing the forums and came across your issue. I really want to help and I think I can.


All landing pages must respond correctly to all googles crawl requests or else it is considered a policy violation.  Since you were not provided with much information other than the landing page is not working I would check out the links below that I found and I hope will help you.  Take a look and get back to me here and I will assist you further no problem at all :)



This link might also help you:  It has information about the landing page requirements for Google shopping adds in order to ensure approval by google merchant center. 

Compare the list here at this link with your landing page and you will hopefully find the discrepancy that google merchant center has or the reason they have disapproved your landing page.  Here is the link:


If you cannot see where the issue is from reviewing your landing page versus the requirements listed at the above link then I recommend you to  get back to the Merchant center and ask them for a bit more detail on the problem with your landing page not working.  Let them know you have reviewed your page versus the requirements and cannot see what you need to fix.


Also, here is a helpful link with the most common reasons for Google Merchant Center disapproval.


Let me know if you find what you need from the above.  If not I will personally review your link for you tomorrow when home, and get back with what needs to be updated from my review.  You can then resubmit your landing page for approval and you should get approved Hopefully.  So we will get this sorted for you.


One final place you can check out here: This link here I found at the google adds community:centre:


All the Best, let me know how it goes im rooting for you and your page approval!



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Thank you for your quick reply.
So..just to be sure If I understood the Google Merchant’s process:
1)I have to elaborate just the feed regarding products that I would like to
promote by Google shopping ads and not all products that I have in store;
2) I must create a Landing page relative to these products in promo;
3) Doing the same process for any campaign.
Is it right?
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A catalogue page is not allowed as a product listing. When advertising on Google Shopping only landing pages with a title, image, price, description and add to basket button are allowed, ie not catalogue, but a product landing page.


You need to submit this product :

Not this :


You can learn more here:


Hope this helps.

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