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I hope anybody can help me with my problem.


I sell strings for harps and i would like to create a stringingguide using a collection for every type of harp.

I want to place an image of the correct stringing on top of the collection page but it is cropped on the sides so it is to small. You can see this here:


Changing the size in the content editor wont do the trick.


I want to expand the image size to full width - BUT only on the collection pages for the stringingguide and not other collections - so I would like to create a second collection template for this.


I am grateful for any help.


Many Thanks



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To make this particular collection looks different you have two ways.

1. Do check for handle of the collection and add class to its wrap and using it "overwrite" the styles and add new ones.

2. Duplicate the current collection template and use that new collection template for the collections where you want the collection image to be full width.

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