Line Item Properties

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Hello Community!

I am hoping that someone will be able to help with the issue I am having which fundamentally comes back to being unable to have more than 100 variants. 

I have created clothing products but need to be able to offer 45 design variants for each item, then sizes and then potentially colour options, this takes it well beyond 100 variants. So to work around my plan is to have the 45 design variants, limit each design to only 2 colour variants (90 total) and capture the size through a Line Item Property dropdown. I am using the debut theme and have found a number of tutorials explaining how to do it through the adding code to a duplicated product.liquid template. I can add the dropdown but have no control over the positioning as it seems the relevant code is now in 'sections'. I am able to get the dropdown in the right place in sections, however, it then applies this dropdown to every product - some products I wish to sell will not need a size dropdown, nor would the sizing match.

Is there a way to turn this dropdown on/off by product or another way people would recommend going about this?

Thank you in advance!