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Hi all,

I am in the process of migrating my store from Squarespace to Shopify. I am using a free theme, Debut and modifying it to my needs to closely match my previous store.

My Issue:

As I was making edits yesterday, or the day before, I changed a class's CSS property:


I'm not sure what file this was made in because it was temporary and I ended up going a different route because I was not noticing the change.
What seems to have happened, however, is that the change just came through, and I don't know how to revert it.


There seems to be a lone css file, /compiled_assets/style.css that doesn't exist anywhere visible to me that is loaded with {{ content_header }} in my theme.liquid. It is overwriting my newer solution (and correct color)


My store can be found at

You can use temp password: dairyfree


Any help is appreciated.



I have overwritten that style by throwing an !important tag on the correct one, but the question still remains...

If you inspect element, that phantom stylesheet is still being loaded.

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The "clone" CSS file is the compiled CSS file you have under asstets/style.scss.liquid or something similar.

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