Liquid.Index issue with InstaFeed

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Please help, I am not technically superb and followed the instructions provided to add Instafeed to my liquid.index code. Now the insta feed is appearing on my homepage right at the top - not where I want it!


So - 2 questions:

  1. Is there a way to move the feed to the bottom of the page after other sections - if yes, please tell me how
  2. If 1 cannot be done can someone please tell me how to remove the insta feed addition I made to liquid.index - when I go to it I cannot see the edit I made, it just has the default <content>…


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The code you added should be somewhere in the liquid file you changed. Remove it and move it to the location you want, I have it added in my footer for instance.

If you need help send me a link I can request permission to your theme through my Shopify partner dashboard and have a quick look for you