Loads of traffic! Next to no conversions

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Hi, my store is getting tons of traffic but next to no conversions. I have tried many ways to try increase sales. For example, I have tried simplifying my landing page, offered discounts, re-targeting my audience, wrote compelling product descriptions, offered free worldwide shipping, 30 day money back guarantee etc. Any help would be appreciated!

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where do you get your traffic from. Not all traffic is good traffic. You can get 1000 visitors but if it is bad traffic you will not get one sale.


Some advice on your store:


- It is a little bit slow. Do you use lots of apps?

- You need a logo.

- I look at this product page: https://exer-size.co.uk/collections/keyboards/products/slip-on-neoprene-waist-trainer-for-fast-resul...

-> You need more pictures. There are tons of good pictures on aliexpress.

-> Reviews would help.

-> The product description must be better, lik more bullet points. Do you use Oberlo? It looks like that. Write your own product description. Use more headings.


That would help in the beginning.


Best whishes


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Hi @Kylewiggy! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


First of all, the effort you've put into your store is quite commendable, so good job for that! It resulted into a beautifully crafted website, and it seems that as far as design goes, you've done an awesome job.


If you want some expert advice (by expert I mean someone who you would consider having experience in business, e-commerce, and dropshipping) advice and feedback from other dropshippers who are doing well, I'd like to invite you to join Spocket's official Facebook group. There, you can engage with Spocket users and dropshippers, both seasoned and rookie ones.


While we're at it, and being that I'm unsure what platform you're using to source out products from for your store, I'd like to invite you to check Spocket out. It's a dropshipping app that gives you access to thousands of suppliers from both the EU and the US, who can offer you products of exceptional quality that can be shipped in as fast as 3-5 days. You can learn more about the platform by heading on over to Spocket's official website!




That being said, hope you get to join the group and can get answers from the members who have ample knowledge and tips to share on how you can improve your store's performance. All the best!