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Shopify recently released local pickup function. https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/sell-in-person/pos-classic/shopify-pos-from-admin/buy-online-pick...


Has anyone found a way to do a shop by location on the frontend? So a customer would pick a store location and then they would be able to shop only products on that location.


Another option would just be to show on the product page what location it's available at. But I haven't found a way to show this.

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A simple solution for this is use filter tag. Tag products by locations, then you may use navigation links with tags. As the result, you customers would see products by locations.

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Locations are not exposed in liquid currently so we can't use them in logic, there are some apps that expose this however to use on the frontend.


Alternatively store the location in tags as @MACRORY recommend since this also gives you collection filtering urls.

There's also placing it in place like metafields, or in a variant option if your not using all three on products.




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