Location Inventory Geo-Restriction - Reducing # shopify stores to 1

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Hi there,


I like to keep things simple and stupid for more efficiency.... Let me give you some setup situations...


- 2 shopify store / 2 Warehouses


-- 1 Store for US/CA/MX 

-- 1 Warehouse in the US


-- 1 Store for ROTW

-- 1 Warehouse in Hong Kong


Now that we can use locations on shopify I would like to reduce my setup to 1 shopify store but I need to keep my Warehouse in the US and in HK to deliver quickly in every countries. I want to reduce to 1 shopify store to reduce the duplicated work ( landing pages, emails,....)


Question 1:

Is there a way to make sure that the orders from USA/CA/MX are automatically assigned and fulfilled from the US warehouse and the orders from ROTW are automatically assigned and fulfilled from the HK warehouse?


As the inventory is different from Warehouse to warehouse we might have some products that are out of stock in a location but available in the other one. However I only want send product from the US warehouse to USA/CA/MXN. .


Question 2:

Is it possible to only show quantity available based on Geo location? ( I don't want them to see a product  as available but then we can't ship it as we don't have it in the warehouse that serves their country)


Thanks for your help.




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Hi Allan, 


I quite understand your two shops/two warehouses situation, along with your intention to reduce to 1 shop.


However, to handle the differences of stock availability from two warehouses, I would suggest you keep TWO e-commence stores to service different domains, for example, yourshop.com for US/CA/MX, and yourshop.HK for the rest of the world. You could use IP geolocation services to auto direct visitors to different domians based on visitors' locations. Thus, it could prevent a US visitor accessing your TROW shop, and seeing incorrect product stock. Meanwhile, you can easily control stock availability separately.


For example, Geo Redirect product can help you auto direct visitors by countries. You could easily set up the tool within a few steps. No code is needed as it will generate Javascript for you to add to your website. Hope it helps!