Loft Theme product template issue

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Hi, I am relatively new to shopify and I tried to make a product template for a no cart, after some videos and al ot of trial an error I somehow managed it or so i thought, I added a contact page to the listing an thought it was OK, 

Now this is where it got weird for me, If the listing had 1 image, it worked no problem, If I added 2 or more images to the listing then it would disappear.  I have tried to see why and no idea,

So I thought I would try and narrow down the reason so I made a new template and copied the product section for the deafult folder which is working properly. Added it to the new template and it has the same issue.,

Any insight would be super amazing and I am completely lost right now


Thanks in advance


Amearnormal product pagenormal product pageno cart template 2 imagesno cart template 2 imagesno cart template 1 imageno cart template 1 image