Looking for a way to “unlock” wholesale pricing on my D2C Shopify store

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Hi everyone, I have a boutique electronics brand, www.lambertones.store and we build electric guitar pickups. The details aren’t important, unless you love guitar tone - in that case please reach out to me, but what I’d like to pick your brains about is this instead:

Right now 75% of our sales are D2C, but we’re increasingly growing our B2B network with dealers and custom guitar builders. This means that we have 3 different pricing structures with dealers getting 30% off retail MSRP and builders 40%. The way we’ve been processing orders for our dealers and builders is to either use promo codes giving them their respective discount, or manually sending invoices based on their needs.

I’d like to know if any of you have heard of a “hidden store” or “password login” style Shopify page/app that would give my builders and dealers access to see already discounted pricing instead of going through the hassle of entering promo codes are sending purchase orders. I’d really like for them to have a streamlined experience of seeing exactly what they’d be paying the moment they land on the product page(s).

At the moment I don’t really want to start a second Shopify store, but perhaps that is the best solution? Any thoughts or ideas would be really appreciated!