MODULAR theme - How to make that clicking the text on a mobile nav opens submenu?

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Hi there,


I am using MODULAR theme and was wondering how to make this work:

So I have the menu structure as follows:



- SMALL (url)
- MEDIUM (url)
- LARGE (url)



- SMALL (url)
- MEDIUM (url)
- LARGE (url)


I want the headings CANDLES & MELTS to be clickable, but only expand the submenu, not to take visitor to any pages.

At the moment if there is no link, it doesn't work when clicking the text - I need to click the tiny chevron to open the submenu, which is somewhat clunky.

I also don't want to create an additional page too, as some people might click away, if the link doesn't work immediately.


Would anyone know how to make this work?