Main Nav Menu is linking to search results page

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So, for context, I just got hired to mange a Shopify store and I quickly realized that all of our sub menu links are linking to onsite-search results pages. Naturally I wanted to have them link to the correct collections page. However, Even after updating the menu items to point to a collections page, it still some how links to the search results page.. Anyone have any idea how to fix this or where i should start looking?   


I spoke with Shopify help, but they said they could not assist since it was a 3rd party theme.  Here's their response. 

I spoke with our Tech Team and our Theme Support Team about the navigation issue we're seeing. While I wish we could provide some support to help out here, this is a third party theme, which means we can’t support it. Especially because there’s been heavy coding done - we don’t know what the initial developer did. It does appear to be hard coded into the theme though. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated .