Make first letter part of paragraph

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Hey guys,

So on our website, we have asked for a special development to have first letters of paragraph larger than body text, on our home page.
However, we're facing an issue using Weglot, because first letters are detected as paragraph. So we'd like to change this and make the first large letter part of the same paragraph as body text.

Here's the current code in home page main section:

{% comment %} Isolate the first letter of targeted paragraphs in a <p> tag {% endcomment %}
<script type="text/javascript">
let text;
let first_letter;
const selectors = ".big_letter p";

$(selectors).each(function() {
text = $(this).html();
first_letter = "<p class='first_letter'>" + text.charAt(0) + "</p>";
text = text.substring(1);


Here's the solution Weglot gave us: 
<p><span class="first_letter">W</span>he N.005 sandal is a revisited essential, a tribute to the origin of the shoe. It combines the character of vegetal calf leather, the softness of goat suede and the elegance of linen canvas. </p>

The thing is I don't know how to change this, and our contract with the agency that made this edit is over.
Any help would be lovely!

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