Maker Theme - "Add to Cart" button & Cart Drawer

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I inherited a site based on the Maker theme (by and out of the box "Add to Cart" buttons are only on single product pages, not on collection grids. On the product page, the Add to Cart button doesn't take you to the cart page, but instead triggers a cart drawer to pop-out on the right-hand sidebar. You can see an example on this page:

We're trying to add the "Add to Cart" buttons on the collections page for each product as well. I've been able to do this (see here:, however the default product form just takes you to the cart page. I'm trying to get the Add to Cart buttons on the collection page to behave the same way as the buttons on the product page - triggering the cart to pop-open in the right-hand sidebar.

Just curious if anyone has done this with this particular theme before before I dive into reverse-engineering the JS file. Thanks in advance for any help! If anymore info is helpful let me know, happy to provide