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I am having issues on the website I’m setting up, using the Debut theme.

On a product page, I need to be able to see the product’s images in original size when I click on it, instead of a local zoom when the mouse is being hovered over it. 


I am not sure how can this be done, help is appreciated .




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Hi @Jonnah45 -


You can edit this through the Customize Theme option:

  1. In your Admin > Themes, Click "Customize"
  2. Select "Product Pages" from the dropdown near the top.
  3. From within "Product Pages" options, you can uncheck "Enable image zoom"

That will remove the Image Zoom plugin.

If you want to have it open the full size image, you'll have to edit the theme files and add a link to the full size image with something like this:

<a href="{{ product | img_url: 'master' }}"><img src="yourimagehere.jpg"></a>

Hope that helps.

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HI Im having this problem also. Which them file do you add the code you have supplied?