Menu's text are split into two rows

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My menus have their text split into two rows, instead of being in a single one.


So instead of: " Meniu principal", it shows as: "Meniu     ; " Răsfoiește colecțiile", it shows as: "Răsfoiește  ; etc.
                                                                          principal"                                                            colecțiile"     

Do you have an idea of how I could make them show in one row, as I think it would look a lot better.

Store link:


Thank you in advance!

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HI @Lovasa,


There are few css changes for menu and reduce menu font size. Please check screenshot.

If you think I can help you for this.

Screenshot 2021-05-09 at 8.20.35 PM.png



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Hello and thank you for the reply! I am figuring out if I want to continue using the same theme ( the one in your screenshot above ), that I've been using for some time now and had A LOT of problems with. I might move on using PageFly to build my store, but in any way, thank you for the reply and I will try to fix my store!


In which system (Windows, MacOS, etc) & browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) are you experiencing that issue?

On my end it seems fine:


Let me know and I'll be happy to help you out. It would just take copy/pasting a single line to fix this sort of issue you mentioned. 

Kind regards,

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Hello! I decided to change my theme ( Which I got from theme forest, so I got no support from the devs ), the theme gave me A LOT of problems overall, now I changed it to the debut theme from shopify and started using the PageFly app in order to create the website.. although now I am trying to figure out how to make the menus. I have a clothing store so I need menus like:


                                    -> HOODIES

                                    -> PANTS -> SHORTS
                                                     -> SPORT

                                                     -> DENIM

                                    -> SHOES -> SNEAKERS

                                                     -> LEATHER

                      -> WOMEN (same)


Like... a megamenu, but I can't figure it out, it bothers me so much!! That's why I've been procrastinating for like few weeks now, and just picked it up again and changed the theme and want to make it right this time. I can't figure out the menus because I can't add more than 2 sub-menus in the navigation, how do I make a proper menu??

And also... at the product filtering option, as you can see, although I am at the MEN sections, I have, as an option of filtering, to filter by MEN and WOMEN, I think this shouldn't be here as I am already on men section for example..

(First two options are MEN and WOMEN)


Sorry if it's too much to ask! I've just searched everywhere, I maybe am too dumb to figure it out!

Thanks in advance!

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I've found an app to deal with the menus, although I am still having a hard time, I might get it done with this.

The categories still give me a headache tho haha, is there a way you're supposed to make them? I basically make a category for every type of product so let's say:

[MEN] Shoes - tags MEN, SHOES

[MEN] Sneakers - tags MEN, SHOES, SNEAKERS

[MEN] Shoes (as in those fancy leather ones, I am not native in english, sorry!) - tags MEN, SHOES, SNEAKERS, LEATHER

Is this the wrong way to do it? I basically name every category now [MEN] or [WOMEN] before them, so I can sort them out when creating the menus, then delete the [MEN]/[WOMEN] in front.

Please, tell me if I'm doing wrong!