Mini cart count not updating when adding product from products page

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Hi Together,

I noticed that the mini-cart counter in the upper right hand corner does not increment when I add products to my cart from the products page.

The button of the add to cart (from the product page)was added newly by me.

From the front page when you click on the "Add to Cart" button the mini cart should be increased but it's not the case.

The add to cart is however working very well when you go to the page of the product itself.


If anyone has any feedback regarding this issue I would appreciate the help.
The website is 


Thank a lot and B.R


Down are the two cases


BAD CASE from the Products page


2020-08-19 16_04_58-Produkte – Bogam und 7 weitere Seiten - Profil 1 – Microsoft​ Edge.png

GOOD CASE from the specific product page

2020-08-19 16_07_25-Al-Amira Sonnenblumenkerne schwarz 300 g – Bogam und 7 weitere Seiten - Profil 1.png